Non-RMT, Windsor, Ontario

Non-RMT Services

The below treatments are offered by a non-registered massage therapist, trained to treat muscle pain and stiffness.


  • 30 minutes – $52
  • 45 minutes – $65
  • 60 minutes – $85
  • 90 minutes – $125

Non RMT Massages

Swedish Massage 

In order to remove lactic acid, uric acid, and other waste products from the muscles, the treatment quickens blood flow. Stretching tendons and ligaments makes them more flexible. Stress is reduced while nerves are stimulated and calmed. Muscle relaxation is the main objective.

Hot Stone Massage 

The placement of hot stones on key acupressure points to relieve stress, warming up cold tissues, creating the warmth needed to relax the muscles during and after the massage session. Hot Stone massages helps ease back pain, helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

Aromatherapy Massage

Depending on your oil of preference, aromatherapy uses your oil of choice to soothe your mind and revive your body. You are offered different oils to choose from, your oil of preference is incorporated into your massage treatment, bringing about calmness, removal of dead skin cells and increased circulation. The oil also helps hydrate the skin, that is why this massage session is encouraged with a pre session in our salt cave.